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 Tremec T56, T56 Magnum, TR-6060 Reverse Lockout Solenoid Controller

T56 / TR-6060 Reverse Lockout Control Module

With Reverse and 5th Gear so close to each other on the T56 / T56 Magnum and TR-6060 Six-Speed manual transmissions, the potential for accidentally grabbing reverse while going for fifth is a serious and potentially dangerous risk.

Forcing the transmission into gear past through the lockout damages the internal components, so an alternate solution is needed.  Most people connect the solenoid to the brakes or use a switch of sorts.  If you don’t want to be hitting the brakes or using a switch every time you want to shift into reverse, you will be happy to know that Samoco Industries has come out with a great solution to the problem.   The Samoco Reverse Lockout Controller mimicks the factory computer, constantly monitoring vehicle speed and only allows access to reverse at speeds under about 5MPH.  

The Samoco Reverse Lockout Controller is the perfect way to eliminate inadvertent shifting (and grinding) into reverse gear while attempting to shift into 5th gear.

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